Our Story



Eternalise your artwork. Celebrate the milestones.

Artispique is lovingly created in 2020 by us (Natasha, Li Ting, and Sharon), who share the same passion to provide a solution for parents (or any individuals) to document artistic milestones in a simple, fun, and meaningful way.

As mothers, we often have to grapple with the dilemma of maintaining an organised and clutter-free home, while valuing every piece of our child's artwork. Space and time constraints in modern lifestyles can often frustrate even the most intentional parents, who desire to preserve and safe-keep precious artwork in their child’s artistic journey. While compiling a photo book of your child's artwork is not impossible, it comes at a cost —time; time with your spouse, child(ren), your friends, and even your alone time.

Artispique is our desire to solve this modern-day problem so you can have more time for people that matter, AND own a personalised compilation of your child's work, at the same time. We are the first in Singapore to embark on this digitisation project to help create a compilation of artwork which you and your child can fondly look back on even in the many years to come.

We see the great potential behind documenting every small step of development for building up a child holistically. As parents, one of the greatest encouragement we can give to our child is to be vested in their learning process. This act of support and encouragement can go a long way in empowering our child to become confident learners who are more likely to persevere even in the face of mistakes or failures. Or, you could also give yourself the same encouragement by choosing to document your unique journey in art making, and reminding yourself that you are always in a process of learning.

We take joy and pride in helping you (either as a parent or individual) create and achieve a meaningful keepsake that honors every process of growth.