FAQ for Your Art Gallery

Your Art Gallery: https://artispique.com/products/your-art-gallery


What type and size of artwork do you accept?

At the order page, choose whether you have any 3D pieces. 

For 3D pieces, we will be sending a collection box - 53 x 40 x 12 cm

For non-3D pieces, we will be sending a padded collection envelope that can fit up to A2 sized artwork - 42 x 59cm

You may include anything as long as they can fit nicely in the collection box / envelope – from your child’s first handwriting/ scribbles to artwork to 3D creations, precious photographs to award certificates to recipes. Typically any keepsakes you wish to digitise and display in Your Art Gallery, send them our way! Our creative team will work their magic on them! 🌟


What is the art collection pack / envelope for?

It will contain all your chosen artwork and comes with a starter kit - guideline on collating your art pieces, fragile label sticker, and Collection Airway Bill.

We recommend not folding your art pieces. After collating the art work, remember to seal the envelope to secure it, adhere the airway bill and hand the collection pack to our trusted courier partner on the date that you've selected.

All you need to do after is sit tight (feeling guilt free) while we work on curating Your Art Gallery! 😌


May I add digital files/ photos?

We will advise not to, so that our team can photograph and capture your artwork in the best possible lightings and have it printed in the highest definition.

However if you have to, you can add in soft copy photographs (of at least 2MB file size each) to team@artispique.com to be part of the art gallery pieces.

Here's a quick guide on photo taking.



May I add captions or short write ups?

Definitely. The main title of Your Art Gallery is limited to 20 characters. You may include a subtitle up to 2 lines, that could be a short description of the gallery / year / date / anything you wish. Please fill this up in the order page.


Can I change my art collection pack to another packaging?

We ensure that the art collection box / envelope is sufficient for your 3D pieces / 2D pieces (up to A2 size). Should you still wish to change to another packaging, please let us know first at orders@artispique.com, else it will be rejected.


Can I change the date of pick up for my art collection pack?

Do take note that if you are unable to meet the collection date, kindly inform us via orders@artispique.com at least 3 working days in advance to prevent additional shipping costs being incurred. The additional shipping costs will be borne by you. Collection can be delayed up to one year from date of purchase.

If you need assistance, please reach out to us via orders@artispique.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Do I get to review my gallery before print?

Absolutely! Our team will email you the design proof for review, please do keep a lookout! 

You agree that it is your responsibility to review and check all your product's design for the following issues before approving the design proofs:

  1. Text issues: Spelling mistakes, grammar, unfinished text, missing text, hidden text, overlapping text, text in the gutter/binding area, text too close to the trim zone and text not within the safe zone area.

  2. Photo/ Art work issues: Photo/ art work arrangement, overlapping photos, faces in the photo in the gutter/binding area, faces in the photo too close to the trim line, faces in the photo not within the safe zone area, background not extended until the end of the page and any photo editing that was done to the photos.

  3. Design/creative issues: Design layout, style, colour choices, use of masks and scrapbooks, and other design elements imported into and/or edited.

  4. Any other creative choices you made while sending your feedback on your book.

  5. Any other creative choices you made while approving your product.