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To all of our first time clients -

rest assured that we take pride in curating every Memory Vault.

Hence we offer:

Honest Reviews from Our Clients

I have been collecting art pieces over the years created by my boys and with time, they are no longer in pristine condition.

They make the entire process so fuss free from collection of art pieces, reviewing the drafts and up to the point when the memory vaults are received.

The quality of the final product is so good you wouldn’t be able to tell some of the art pieces are kept for as long as 5 years. Thank you team for transforming the artwork into a beautiful keepsake.

- Xinli, Jaden and Joash's Mom

Honest Reviews from Our Clients

The Biggest compliment from J is when he tried to peel off his artwork.

I am really amazed with the high quality of photos produced by your team. The photos of the artwork taken was very similar to the original work itself. I could see the amount of effort and hard work put in by the team.

- Jamie, J's mom

Honest Reviews from Our Clients

It comes with nice packaging and Naomi is so excited when she opened up the box. The book cover is really nice and all the pictures in high resolution.

Definitely something for keepsake and for us to look back when she’s much older.

So glad to have this and looking forward to put more of her art pieces at different age.

- Yuting, Naomi's Mom

Honest Reviews from Our Clients

I received the art book today. Thank you.

My daughter is very happy and on top of that, she’s happy to see her artwork design on your angbao too.

Thank you so much. Everything is so articulate and nicely done. More power to you guys!

- Kristal, Klara's Mom

Honest Reviews from Our Clients

I could not have been happier with the Memory Vault you created. It’s beautiful, the quality is amazing & I can see a lot of dedication in your work.

Thank you for bringing son's artwork alive. I was half asleep when I received it but I ended up in tears and wanted to wake up the entire house to share with.

Thank you a million.

- Caroline Lahoud, Timothee's Mom

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