Your Everyday Book

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What do we do with the spontaneous doodles on sticky notes/ cut outs or loose pages from a jot book? Or Paper Plate Crafts? Mini cardboard egg cup craftwork falling apart somewhere in the school bag? An owl paper plate lost its left eye? 
At Artispique, we embrace all forms of creations by your children and that includes that teeny weeny scribbles or craft work which more often than not will not survive a day or two. No judgement there.. We are parents ourselves!
There is really nothing we cannot curate for you - thus, Your Everyday Book!
Sleek and lightweight for portability to celebrate your child’s creativity (big or small, they are special and unique!) with your friends and families.
Your Everyday Book $78 -
exclusive custom design
(which you approve of!)
8” x 8” Square Softcover Book
Book Cover in 260gsm Glossy Lamination
Inner Pages - 150gsm Matte Art Paper
Up to 30 pieces of artwork (max A4 size)
Inclusive of limited to 10 pieces of 3D artwork (max 20cm length, max 5cm height)

** Kindly take note that any 3D artwork above 10 pieces and/ or exceed the maximum size stated will be rejected. Total artwork submitted should not exceed 30 pieces.

If there are more, please cart out another Everyday Book.


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