Your Signature Memory Vault - Digital [Starting from $178]

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Always facing the dilemma of your child's constant increasing pile of artwork? Want to keep them, but they are taking up way too much space? Want to toss them out, but can't bear to do so?

Artispique is the solution for you.

Start preserving your children's art pieces & keepsakes from $178.

Base Price:


$178 for up to 29 pieces of art work & keepsakes

* For booklets/ notebooks (any form of paper stitched/ stapled/ tied/ glued or bound together) will be charged based on the number of pieces of paper $5 each

Additional chapters to your book:
$3 each

Additional text/captions to your book:
$1 each


Please select the number of artwork accordingly, price of Your Digital Signature Memory Vault will not reduce if you submit a lower number of art work. 

Any artwork submitted beyond the selected number will be charged at $5 per piece of artwork.

Removal of any artwork after submission will not reduce the cost of your Your Digital Signature Memory Vault. 



Your Digital Signature Memory Vault -
exclusive custom design
(which you approve!)
Complimentary custom introduction page for every child!
Digitised in a portable, durable Artispique USB thumb drive.


Premium Front Cover +$15
- super imposed child’s photo and/or
- up to 5 doodles (of your choice) from the artwork submission and/or
- handwritten name by child

Shipping information:
  • Collection Box will be mailed out every Wednesday. Delivery will take 1 - 2 workings days to reach you. 
  • Our courier will collect the collection box from you on the following Monday/ Saturday from the date you receive your collection box. (kindly select your preferred day)